Posted on: October 20, 2008 9:34 pm

Fix the MLB teams #3: Seattle Mariners

The Mariners are a mess. Poor Ichiro. But they do have a bright future and a few trading chips, not good ones, mind you, but ones anyway. Here's what I do to fix those M's of the city of grunge:

1. Strip Kenji Johjima of catcher duties: Because Jeff Clement, the Mariners' Uber-prospect said so. He could either be traded (good luck with the contract) or moved to DH/1B (Along with every non-starter). It's not good to have a Mega-Prospect not starting when he easily could (Looking at you, Baltimore)

2. End the manager merry-go-round: I'll use the NFL for this one: Ask the Oakland Raiders if firing the head man every year brought the team success, and ask Alex Smith if a different coaching style every year makes you a good player. Warning to Mariners: If you want to bring stability and consistency, it has to start with the manager. find one and live with it for at least a year, unless he is REALLY BAD.

3. Quit getting names: Carlos Silva, Richie Sexson, at one point Horacio Ramirez, Bedard (for what they gave up). You want to go further, Adrian Beltre (for what they signed him for). Just stop getting names, it hasn't worked for the Yankees, Not for the Tigers, Why would it work now?
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