Posted on: October 29, 2008 9:05 pm

FTMLBT#5: Pittsburgh Pirates

The tyrants of terrible, the sultans of suck, the epitome of incompetence, The famous, infamous Pittsburgh Pirates! Because the Rays are playing in the World Series this year, the Pirates are now the worst team in the whole decade! They now have a decent farm system, with Jose Tabata, Neil Walker, Steven Pearce, Daniel Moskos, Pedro Alvarez and Über-prospect Andrew McClutchen. It will be a few years, but this is what they have to do in order to fix it (in 3 steps, of course;)

1. Those guys I mentioned above? Keep them for life: McClutchen is a superstar waiting to happen, Walker, Alvarez, and Pearce are Starters in training, and Moskos could be in the rotation now, if only because the starters they have now are really bad, except...

2. Paul Malholm, so keep him: He could be their ace until they really get one (draft maybe? lord knows they ain't paying for one), the only problem is that that will take years to complete, since Malholm is not ace material.

3. NO MORE FIRE SALES OR TRADING!!! How many trades in the past 3 years have the Pirates turned out clear winners?
(Oliver Perez for Xavier Nady, who was eventually traded with Damaso Marte for Tabata and Ross Ohlendorf, trading for Matt Morris, who was bought out a year later). If they trade, it either has to be for prospects (doing a hit/miss job so far) or getting rid of old, bad players (None yet, so good job).
Just keep the players Evan Longoria style, and the team would be contending in 2-3 years!
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