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I Love The 2007 Basketball Recruiting Class!

It starts off with what I call "The Big 6" because every recruiting site I looked at, these 6 players were ranked at the top 6 in some order*:
  1. O.J. Mayo--Eventually became a top 5 pick for the Wolves and traded for...
  2. Kevin Love--Also a Top 5 pick, was a Grizzly, but traded for Mayo in that draft
  3. Eric Gordon--Top 10 pick and a rare good Clipper
  4. Michael Beasley--a world of talent, and even more issues (*and ESPN ranked him 8th, the only time one of the Big 6 wasn't ranked there
  5. Derrick Rose--1st pick for the Bulls, and looks like a superstar in training
  6. Kyle Singler--Only one not yet in the NBA, and probably will be the lowest drafted of the Big 6
The second tier is more raw and untapped as the Big 6, but has so much upside: 7. Nick Calathes--Ok, Mulligan, not that he sucked in Florida that badly though, and our first 2nd round pick 8. Donte Greene--He's starting to tap into his potential in the Kings, Also a first rounder 9. J.J. Hickson--Like Greene, Starting to tap into his potential, but this time, LeBron and Shaq are tutoring him instead of Jason Thompson 10. Patrick Patterson--Not yet in the NBA, but made great strides over his kentucky years. 11. Kosta Koufos--He went in the first round, and there may be some hope yet. 12. Austin Freeman--Great junior year in Georgetown this year, despite their early exit from the tournament 13. DeAndre Jordan--Was projected as a top 20 talent, went 35th to the Clippers, and is doing pretty well as Chris Kaman's backup. 14. Bill Walker--2nd rounder that was traded to the knicks this year, it seems like he's starting to tap into his potential since being a knick (doesn't mean he'll stay.
The Third Tier is much better than the 2nd tier right now, despite it being only four players: 15. Jerryd Bayless--first rounder from the Pacers, traded to the Blazers, and is starting to flash his potential. 16. Blake Griffin--first overall pick by the clippers who was super dominant in Oklahoma, before busting his knee 17. Anthony Randolph--first rounder by the Warriors, Raw yet still showing his gamebreaking potential, despite the way the Warriors are handling him. (Random tangent. Randolph and Greene were born in West Germany) 18. James Harden--3rd overall pick for that oklahoma team. Doing very well coming off the bench for a playoff team.
Tiers 4-i have no idea later
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